Badajoz is a Spanish city, capital of the province with the same name, in the autonomous community of Estremadura with around 150.000 inhabitants. It is the biggest city in the autonomous community of Estremadura and is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, close to the border with the Portuguese city of Elvas.

  • The Door of the Souls is a monument in the city of Badajoz and is composed by two cylindrical towers manufactured in brickwork and crowned by battlements, having been built in 1551.
  • The Badajoz Fortress is located in the city and municipality of Badajoz, in the province with the same name, autonomous community of Estremadura. In a dominant position on top of the Cerro de la Muela, it englobed the population of the Muslim time. Although it goes back to the fence erected while the foundation of the city in the 9th century, the current structure goes back to the construction campaign over the domain of the Almóadas, in the 12th century. It is considered the biggest fortress in Europe.
  • The Atalaya Tower or Alpéndiz Tower, more known with the name of Espantaperros is the most important tower in the Badajoz Fortress. With an orthogonal plant and more than 30 metres high, it is located in the southeast part of the city’s fortification.
  • The bastioned precinct of Badajoz was built in the second half of the 18th century to reinforce the defences of Badajoz in the wars of separation of Portugal against the Spanish Crown. Its placement respected the Arabic Fortress to which was joined in its yanks by the extremes northwest and southeast, being a wall composed by eight bulwarks.

Other places to visit
  • The Aquatic Park of Badajoz, a place for family enjoyment where you can spend a day full of unusual satisfaction moments.
  • The Golf Court of Badajoz for those who are fans of this sport offers a field with 18 holes and a pleasant path to enjoy.
  • The Badajoz Casino with all the associated fun, from a variety show to the ambiance proper to gambling.

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