Monte do Cuca, situated about 1 km away from Vila de Pavia, fits in a touristic circuit with many attractions, only 15km from Mora, 17km from Arraiolos, 42 km from Évora, 22km from Avis, 27km from Montargil, 49 km from Ponte de Sôr, 17km from Vimieiro, 39km from Estremoz, 40km from Montemor-o Novo, 50km from Alter do Chão, 62 km from Vila Viçosa, 80km from Reguengos de Monsaraz and from Alqueva, and 100km from Badajoz. These are just some of the visiting destinations, factors that substantially enrich it, suggesting it as a privileged option for quality rest, adequate for the whole family.
The quietness of the Alentejo landscape, the rich historical patrimony of the region and the quality of the resort are factors that linked to election gastronomy, turn a visit into an indispensable thing.

Note: the unit is licensed to the Activity of Rural Tourism by the Order n.21/2011 issued by Mora’s City Hall in 2nd December 2011.
Registered in Tourism of Portugal, IP under the n.3183.
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